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Stock Stages
Stock's and Market's Stages and Cycles.
Support & Resistance
Security prices are the result of a head-to-head battle between a bull and a bear.
Trading Gaps
GAPS: Concepts, Strategies and Chart examples.
Elliott Wave Theory
Stock prices tend to move in a predetermined number of waves consistent with the Fibonacci series.
Trading Charts
Swing Charts of the Week. Profitable trading ideas.
Trading Ideas
Swing Trading Ideas. Profitable trading ideas.
Market Analysis
Market, Sectors and Stocks Analysis.
Daily Stock Picks
Identify profitable stock trading opportunities.
Bullish Consolidation
Bullish consolidation continued breakout.
Rounding Bottom Breakout
Breakout from rounding bottom on Major Support.
Bullish Breakout
Breakout from consolidation in Stage 2 Uptrend.
Trend Line Setup
Buy Setup on Trend line and Minor support.
You will know when the market is turning, which industry groups are leading the stampede, and which charts have the best setups.
Swing Trading
Absolute Top performance and Strict risk/reward ratios.
Chart Patterns will give you the ins-and-outs of the Stock Market, what stocks to keep your eye on with their buy and sell points as a result of their chart patterns or trend lines.
Trading Videos
Masters of Trading

Recent Picks / Trading Ideas
Daily Market Commentary
Holding... - Dow pulls back from 12,700, closes lower by 45 points ...
Free Trading Videos - Swing Trading - Futures Trading - Forex Trading - March 2008
Weekly Swing Ideas Report for March 17th - March 21st March 17
Stock Picks - Long and Short Potential Swing Candidates: Force Swings, Triangle, Revival ...
Dillard's Inc - DDS - Descending trendline March 6
DDS: the recent rally became exhausted as it neared the resistance of the descending trendline which is also an area that will continue to prevent agressive moves higher ...
ADTRAN Inc - ADTN - Symmetrical triangle February 27
ADTN - broke out of a symmetrical triangle and now looks poised to fall to a significant support ...
Altria Group Inc - MO - Long-term ascending trendline February 20
MO - is testing the support of a long-term ascending trendline. The trendline has propped up the price of the stock in the past ...
MetLife Inc - MET - Lower highs February 14
MET - trading near a significant level of resistance. The 50-day MA has prevented the stock from moving higher in the past and there is no reason to expect this story to change now ...
Autodesk Inc - ADSK November 29
ADSK: Fibonacci Fan indicator is suggesting that the stock is getting ready to make a short-term move higher ...
El Paso Corp - EP - Ascending trendline Nov 21
EP - Stock is trading near a long-term ascending trendline that has propped up the price since early 2003 ...
Video Debunks Wall Street Myth November 2007
Video that Debunks trading myth that could cause your portfolio to tank if you fall for it ...
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