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Swing Trading is the art of capturing profits in trending stocks in a relatively short amount of time. offers Swing & Day Trading Strategies for the full or part-time trader.

Charts of the Week - March Picks
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General Dynamics Corp - GD - Ascending channel
Casey Murphy - March 29, 2007 - GD - Stock has been trading within the confined range of an ascending channel. Directional Momentum indicators have recently created a signal that is suggesting the bears are taking control of the momentum. This crossover will be used by traders to signal the beginning of a new short-term downtrend...Trading Picks - Read More

Monthly Market Recap - Mar 26, 2007 - The longer term trend is down. The market surged above the 20 day EMA today raising a slight red flag to the current downtrend. The short term trend is sideways to up, which is confirmed with Daily prices above the 5 day EMA and Stochastics in an uptrend. Despite this assessment, we do temper our enthusiasm for any large moves to the upside due to the overall downtrending Daily chart ... Read More

The QQQQ Report for March 26th - March 30th - February's Gap Is In Play
Casey Murphy - Mar 26, 2007 - QQQQ - The bulls were able to push the index toward the bottom of the gap, near $44.50. Many traders wonder whether the QQQQ will be able to overcome this resistance. The chart below is a good example of the battle between the bulls and the bears; so far, it doesn't seem like either party has an upper hand... Read More

Intel Corp - INTC - MACD bullish crossover
Casey Murphy - March 22, 2007 - INTC - Stock has been able to find support at the influential $19 level. MACD has recently moved above its signal line suggesting that a move toward $20 is more probable than the move toward $18... Read More

The QQQQ Report for March 19th - March 23rd - Drifting Toward the 200 DMA
Casey Murphy - Mar 19, 2007 - QQQQ - Friday's failed move above the 15 DMA suggests that it will continue to act as a level of short-term resistance and that we could see the QQQQ drift toward the longer-term support of its 200-day moving average... Read More

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Ambac Financial Group - ABK - Rising wedge formation
Casey Murphy - March 15, 2007 - ABK - has been trading within a long-term rising wedge formation, moved below the support of the ascending trendline on very heavy volume. Watch for a move back toward breakdown low near $83.50.... Read More

Trading Lesson of the Day
Nirvana Systems - Mar 13, 2007 - WAT: Trendlines - Determining Market Reversals and Continuations. Of all the major reversal patterns, the double top or bottom is not only one of the most recognizable, but also one of the most predictive... Read More

The QQQQ Report for March 12th - March 16th - Bearish Crossover?
Casey Murphy - Mar 12, 2007 - QQQQ - the bears sent the price below the 100 DMA for the first time since August 2005, traders may wonder if the next stop will be the 200 DMA. The 15-day moving average looks like it is setting up to fall below the 100-day moving average. Notice how the last bearish crossover in May 2006 signaled a sharp correction... Read More

Northern Trust Corp - NTRS - Testing the support
Casey Murphy - March 8, 2007 - NTRS - is in the process of testing the support of an ascending trendline. Technical traders will use a break below $58.50 to signal a move toward the swing low near $56.50... Read More

AAPL - Descending Trendline Could Force Stock Down
Dan Zanger - Mar 5, 2007 - This stock is hanging tough here, but the descending trendline could force this stock to undercut the lower horizontal trendline. I would consider shorting this stock if it moves below $83 on heavy volume... Read More

The QQQQ Report for March 5th - March 9th
Casey Murphy - Mar 5, 2007 - QQQQ - Bounce off the resistance proved to the bulls that the $45.50 level was stronger than most orignally thought. Attempt to recover the losses and push the QQQQ back above the 100 DMA proved unsuccessful and it will be interesting to see how the market reacts to the spiked volatility as traders discern the short-term direction of the index...Trading Picks - Read More

Will the Stock Market Top in 2007 (Gann)
Gann Global Financial - Jan 20, 2007 A video that really puts the stock market into a historical perspective. James dissects the current leg up in the SPX, and the implications for a potential final top... Read More

A Year of Transition (Gann)
Gann Global Financial - As we embark on 2007, we have determined that this year should be a major transitional time frame with two major financial events taking place... Read More

ACE Ltd- ACE - Below the support
Casey Murphy - March 1, 2007 - ACE - the bears have pushed the stock below an interesting level of support. The $56.50 level has propped up the price over the past six months, but the recent move below suggests that the selling pressure could continue... Read More

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