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Swing Trading is the art of capturing profits in trending stocks in a relatively short amount of time. offers Swing & Day Trading Strategies for the full or part-time trader.

Charts of the Week - May Picks
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Orbital Sciences Corp- ORB - Ascending triangle breakdown
Casey Murphy - May 31, 2007 - ORB - is trading near an area of short-term . Stock recently broke out of an ascending triangle pattern and is in the process of testing the $20 level. A move back toward a fresh level of support, like the one shown on the chart, is commonly referred to as a throwback and it is often used by traders to confirm the validity of a technical chart pattern Read More

The Weekly Report - Tri-Star Pattern
Casey Murphy - May 28, 2007 - As you can see from the chart of the Dow, three doji candles have appeared, which is a technical signal of indecision that can often be used to mark the end of a prolonged trend. Three consecutive dojis, also known as a tri-star pattern, is very rare and it suggests that the uptrend is running out of steam... Read More

Allegheny Technologies Inc- ATI - Ascending channel pattern
Casey Murphy - May 24, 2007 - ATI - The two parallel trendlines have acted as areas of support and resistance in the past and it will be interesting to see if this story will continue. Technically speaking, the the trend is expected to remain upward until the price falls below $110.60, but we believe that a pullback may happen sooner than most expect... Read More

The Weekly Report for May 21st - A Time To Take Profit?
Casey Murphy - May 21, 2007 - The question now becomes where will this run end? Is 14,000 next? I think most traders would agree that this rally is unsustainable at the recent rate, but trading against the trend will be dangergous and timing a correction will be extremely difficult. It may be wise to take some money off the table and wait for a clearer picture of what will prevent this rally from correcting... Read More

J C Penney Corporation- JCP - Head and shoulders pattern
Casey Murphy - May 17, 2007 - JCP - Stock recently broke below the neckline of a head and shoulders pattern. This bearish pattern suggest that the uptrend is becoming exhausted. The chart also illustrates the opportunities that are available when they are identified... Read More

The Weekly Report for May 14th - May 18th - Can The Rally Continue?
Casey Murphy - May 14, 2007 - The Dow's run into uncharted territory continued as the index has notched an impressive 25 of 31 sessions in the positive. The results from various economic realeases will continue to be the important catalyst in the weeks ahead as any further weakness could trigger a selloff toward the support of the 50/100-day moving averages. ... Read More

Weekly Market Recap - May 14, 2007 - All trends are still intact for the uptrend. The warning signs coming for the short factors on the Daily chart with prices below the 5 day EMA and Stocahstics nearly entering into a downtrend. These two factors can often precede a change in the Hourly trend. Remain cautious with the market in overbought territory ... Read More

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Checkfree- CKFR - Head and shoulders pattern
Casey Murphy - May 10, 2007 - CKFR - The bears have pushed the price toward the neckline of a long-term head and shoulders pattern. The two years that it has taken for this pattern to develop is suggesting that we could see a move toward the August 2004 low over the next several months... Read More

Trading Lesson of the Day
Nirvana Systems - May 9, 2007 - IFNY: Saucer Patterns - Rare Pattern Is One of the Most Predictive. One of the most predicitive chart patterns you will come across is the saucer pattern ("bowls" or "rounded tops" or "rounded bottoms"). However, there is a problem with saucer patterns - they're hard to find..... Read More

The QQQQ Report for May 7th - May 11th - Overbought RSI
Casey Murphy - May 7, 2007 - QQQQ - Friday's move to a new six-year high clearly shows that the bulls are in control, but as you can see from the chart below, many traders will likely pay attention to the overbought RSI reading (69.69) because the indicator is suggesting that the bull run may be getting overextended...Trading Picks - Read More

Weekly Market Recap - May 7, 2007 - The longer term trend is up. Keep your eyes on the 20 day EMA for clues on the sustainability of the current uptrend. The short term trend is up. We do remain cautious with the Stochastics in an overbought condition. Keep a close watch on the Hourly MAs for signs of a change in trend... Read More

The QQQQ Report for April 30th - May 4th - Positive Earnings Fuel a Move Higher
Casey Murphy - Apr 30, 2007 - QQQQ - Monday's bullish move beyond the resistance set the tone for the remainder of the week as traders priced in better-than-expected earnings. Many traders will watch for the previous resistance to become an area of support in the event of a pullback... Read More

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