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Swing Trading is the art of capturing profits in trending stocks in a relatively short amount of time. offers Swing & Day Trading Strategies for the full or part-time trader.

Swing Trading Ideas - February '06
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Swing Trade of the Week
Ken Matsumoto - Feb 16, 2006 - INFY: MAs in downtrend with 20 EMA below the 50 EMA. Stock fell below a recent support area with a bearish colored candle. Stock traded today at the lower end of the bearish colored candle, representing a consolidation and possible setup for further downside... Read More

Trading Ideas for today and tomorrow...
MrSwing Trading Team - Feb 16, 2006 - The PPI fear factor number (forecast to be a 0.7% increase) may not be weighing on any traders mind unless oil prices decide to rise again or productivity numbers dive again. Either way, this glimmer of optimism in market psychology could be short-lived since the broad market continues to do little more than flat-line along... Read More

OIH - Stock Broke Rising Trendline
Dan Zanger - Feb 15, 2006 - This stock broke its rising trendline that has been in place since mid October today. This is bearish to be sure. Read More

Trading Ideas for today and tomorrow...
MrSwing Trading Team - Feb 14, 2006 - The markets anticipated Valentine's Day and went into the "red", but on fairly unimpressive volume on Monday. As one can see above, momentum is not in favor of the bulls... Read More

BNI - Sporting a Nice High Level Bull Flag
Dan Zanger - Feb 13, 2006 - This railroad company sports a nice high level Bull Flag and this group is still very strong. Buy point is when this stock hits $80 on good volume. Stops are at &78.50 Read More

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Weekly Market Update
Shay Horowitz of ShogunTrading - Feb 13, 2006 - The market is becoming a bit choppy here, messing around with a major support level. If we break this support level, we can expect a major down trend to start.... Read More

Trading Ideas for today and tomorrow...
MrSwing Trading Team - Feb 9, 2006 - Markets reversed on somewhat muted volume, with some of the tech stocks helped pull the market averages up. The momentum models on a daily basis have reversed on a crossover basis, tending to indicate that a multi-day rally is again possible... Read More

Swing Trade of the Week
Ken Matsumoto - Feb 9, 2006 - WEBX: Stock produced a reversal candle right at an important resistance area, and has since pulled back to its 5 day EMA. Look to go short at 25.80... Read More

Trading Ideas for today and tomorrow...
MrSwing Trading Team - Feb 8, 2006 - Though we did see reversals in utilities, retail, insurance, and a mixture of financials, computer services, healthcare, and chemical stocks, the breadth of leadership is really thin... Read More

AAPL - Very Heavy Volume as it Breaks Through Support
Dan Zanger - Feb 7, 2006 - Very heavy volume as this stock breaks through its support line today. This was also my short entry point which was noted in last night's letter. Read More

Trading Ideas for today and tomorrow...
MrSwing Trading Team - Feb 6, 2006 - At present, 10688.44, 1246.59, and 2189.91 are the respective major weekly supports for the $INDU, $SPX, and the $COMPQ. Any weakness below these levels would probably spell a little more than minor technical damage to the market indexes... Read More

Weekly Market Update
Shay Horowitz of ShogunTrading - Feb 6, 2006 - We have made a lower top in the beginning of this week, which shows a possible change of trend to the down side. We can expect the moving averages to start turning fairly soon... Read More

SLB - Up Almost $30 from My Buy Point!
Dan Zanger - Feb 1, 2006 - This stock has now moved up almost $30 in just over three weeks from when I noted it with my buy point. Read More

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